Why Puerto Rico?

My wife, Judi, and I are taking a break from our over-booked schedules in relaxing Puerto Rico. Our schedules are over-booked because we both struggle with setting appropriate boundaries when it comes to our vocations. Isn’t that much nicer than saying we are workaholics? I know everyone is busy and no one wants to hear about my schedule. I don’t want to hear about it either…I’m on vacation for crying out loud.

Puerto Rico is not a destination Judi and I have dreamt of for years. It just never made our top-ten list. I will travel to any destination with eagerness, but Judi likes her amenities. Puerto Rico has them. A missionary who worked with our in-laws retired to Puerto Rico. His family has created a space for weary travelers in ministry…for free! Their home has two floors with separate entrances. It is built into the hills overlooking the ocean. We have a large, exceedingly comfortable place with a full kitchen. We can’t afford a place this nice, but we humbly accept the hospitality.

I don’t know why Puerto Rico never made it higher on our travel list. It is a beautiful Caribbean island with modern facilities. It is a perfect blend of amenities and adventures to keep us both happy.

View from our lodging.

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