Travel Concluded

Ensconced in my back-row seat, I’m a happy camper. My wife is next to me, the bathroom is one step away, (or perhaps I can just turn sideways in my seat), I have my computer, what can go wrong. As I contentedly type out my blog, the young man in the aisle across from me starts having a seizure. With arms and legs flailing in all directions I attempt to leap from my seat and rescue the poor soul. Fortunately, being in a seat that can’t recline (unless they cut a hole into the bathroom), and having the seat in from of me fully reclined with a sleeping passenger keeps me wedged tighter than a cork in a wine bottle. My heroic leap is down graded to a pathetic wriggle saving me from an embarrassing intervention.

My aisle mate is not seizing, he is trying to put on his backpack while sitting in his seat. Regardless of your judgement about the soundness of his mind for wanting to wear a backpack while sardined into coach, you have to give him props for the effort. This feat is inaccessible to all but the most limber of contortionists. Sadly, my friend is not up to the task. Failing to don the gargantuan luggage he does the next most reasonable thing…jams it behind his back to settle in for a snooze. He doesn’t seem to notice my slack-jawed stare as I ponder the how and why of his amazing antics. Maybe he is intensely paranoid and fears someone will reach under his seat to riffle through his gear as he sleeps, because we all secretly harbor fantasies of rummaging through other’s carry on luggage. Perhaps at home he sleeps in a well stocked closet and can’t nod off without being crumpled up with hard objects jamming into his back. I will never know the source of his bizarre decision, but I am again reminded that people are unpredictable and entertaining. We never know what someone may do or why they will do it…and that makes people interesting. There is never a need to be bored if you can just get to a place where you can watch people.

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