3 Days to Departure

Burundi, Africa! The siren song of this beautiful country is calling me back. The team has been preparing, praying, and packing. We leave Thursday morning…early…really early…as in we can’t pray for the trip until two hours after we leave because God doesn’t get up this early. No doubt after racing to get ready, jamming in all the last minutes details at work, and finishing our prep for the courses we will be teaching, we will all be in great moods for the more than 20 hours of travel we embark on before the world wakes up.

Unbelievable amount of work to get done before we leave. Now I get to check of the list, “make sure blog works.” 

8 thoughts on “3 Days to Departure

  1. So excited for you all to go! Expecting God will reveal Himself to you in amazing ways. I will miss you and Lydia but God has impressed on me that you belong to Him and I must not be stingy. So I share you two so you can share Him with others across the world.


    • Prayers for safe travels and God’s guidance and direction during your mission in Burundi! What an amazing service opportunity for J.D. and Lydia to experience together! Each of you have been blessed with wonderful gifts to share and may God be with each of you every step of the way < Have a wonderful trip and can't wait to hear all about it and plenty of pictures please 🙂


  2. I’ll be praying for all of you and for every Burundian that God puts in your path. Have a great time and let GOD do the rest!


  3. Indeed it works. Praying for safe and happy travels with no in intended excursions on the way! Godspeed!


  4. We are praying for you! It is so evident that God has hand picked each member of the team. We are praying for them as well as the ones left behind who are vital to the success of the team!


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